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  Welcome to AlphaPunjabi DJ NAPPY!

 When AlphaPunjabi DJ Nappy started spinning in 1999, he focused on drum and bass and house music. As his music knowledge evolved, Nappy began to specialize in hip-hop, both mainstream and underground.

 In addition to spinning for private events in LA, DC Metro and the Tri-State area, Nappy has had a radio show at WPRB Princeton for the past year. His show can be heard by listeners from Newark, NJ to the state of Delaware. He can also be heard world-wide via internet. He has hosted some illustrious guests, including Peedi Crakk, Indy 500, Shawn Lov, Get Right Entertainment, Geechi Grand and Calico of L.O.D., Keith Murray's Prodigies, Thought Breaker's, Twin Hyytaz, and many more. He has been recently invited to showcase his talent on Sirius Radio, satellite radio that is broadcast worldwide.

 DJ Nappy has done an internship at Def Jam Records in NYC, and worked on the Def Jam Vendetta Tour. He has begun developing new talent and matching existing talent with hot, up and coming producers in the Tri-State area.

Top Of The Hops 2O12

A year ago our editorial blog summed up the past in 2011, the form of a podcast series TOP OF THE HOPS. This 31st December is no exception.

Last year, in his New Year address to readers of my blog, I wrote that every event in life should be viewed from different angles and try to find the positive even in bad. Nothing happens for a reason, and sometimes a mere trifle could set the stage for something truly great. 2012y was a very rich and interesting in all plans for the year. In early March, we celebrated the first birthday of our blog, a party dedicated to that held in Rostov-on-Don in the club point. That night, our event attracted a large number of friends, good friends and people who are interested in independent hip-hop. Due to some technical linings Isaiah Toothtaker, Mike Gao and Spies On Bikes have not played their DJ sets over the Internet at our party, but without that party was a great success. Jumping ahead a little, I want to tell you that the second birthday blog we note in our vast northern capital, for the edition went to live in the glorious city of St. Petersburg.

Over the past year we have taken a number of fascinating interviews with foreign and local musicians, including the main bitmeyker label Machina Muerte, Awkward, who made among the guest mix for ahhmusic, talked to the founder of the label Circle Into Square, Tom Fileppom his draft Cars & Trains, first interviewed the young duo Child Actor, and talked with Nikita Cream Child of his amazing album, released on Ritmo Sportivo this summer, found out about the Ukrainian roots Gregory Pepper, and Mestizo, Machina Muerte founder and resident of the legendary club Low End Theory in his last as Mestizo, our blog interview spoke about his childhood, his relationship to the Russian and spirituality, Cyril Tolmatsky told about the Russian music business, Russian producer, piracy, not cheated popularity advantages of modern technology, on his theory of light, waves and vibrations, a son, the other planets, and more, hardcore rap legend Necro told of his proximity to the Puerto Ricans, the main source of inspiration, as to why his music is so much violence and pornography, and the founder of the notorious record label Anticon, Sole in an interview touched a difficult childhood, spoke about the new album, voiced his opinion on religion and expressed his love for Russia.


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