As we mentioned in our article while poster release last Thursday (12 December) about uncertainty in movie release date as movie was still under post production and date of 10 January looked challenging.

Putting all speculations to rest, makers have confirmed released date to be pushed one week ahead i.e 17 January which means movie is going to clash with Aarya Babbar and Neha Malik starrer Gandhi Pher Aa Gea which was already scheduled for 17 January unless makers of Aaryan Babbar starrer movie change release day which looks difficult considering Jinde Meriye scheduled for release week after i.e 24 January

Khatre Da Ghuggu is directed by duo Shivtar Shiv and Aman Cheema and stars Jordan Sandhu, Diljott, B.N Sharma, Nitu Pandher among others

Find below new poster with updated release date.

Khatre Da Ghuggu new poster
Khatre Da Ghuggu punjabi movie featuring Jordan Sandhu, Diljott and B.N Sharma

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